How did your day go?

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s a really useful way to get the writing juices flowing.

Photo by Jeff Wilcox

OhLife is a nifty service that sends you an email everyday with one simple question: “How did your day go?”. All you have to do is dash off a few lines and press send. Your responses are then archived in the OhLife website which is, of course, private.

Originally intended to encourage you to write regular journal entries, you can also use it for daily writing exercises or just to ramble on about whatever topic comes to mind.

Getting this in your inbox everyday helps give you that much-needed nudge to take a few moments to write. I set up OhLife to email me first thing in the morning, but you can set yours for the end of the work day or right before you sleep at night. See what works best for you. Sign up for free here.

There are tons of other ways to jumpstart your writing and I’ll be covering some more of mine in the next few posts. But for now, I would really love to hear about yours. Got anything good for me? 🙂


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