The Ads of Super Bowl XLV

February 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

This is for all you advertising geeks (like me) who eagerly await the Superbowl each year — not for the game, but for the ads. YouTube has all the 2011 Super Bowl ads in their very own channel, uploaded as soon as they were aired.

Watch them all on YouTube

View, comment, share. I’ll be back to post some of my favorites later.


So here’s what I think. This year’s runaway winner is definitely Volkswagen – The Force: Best acting for someone who never even shows his face.

Doritos – Pug Attack: “C’mon get a chip! C’mon get a chip!”

Bridgestone – Carma: A beaver pays his debt

But it’s not all kids and animals that get my vote. Far be it from me to like anything Justin Bieber is in, but Ozzy stole the show. “What’s a Bieber?” LOL. Cracked me up big time.

Chevrolet Camaro – Miss Evelyn: Quickest brainstorm ever.

I’d say my least favorite ones were Career Builder, Groupon and Bud Light. What were your favorites? And least favorites? I would love to hear what you think.


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§ 4 Responses to The Ads of Super Bowl XLV

  • Robbie Dinglasan says:

    Not a great selection again this year. VW Darth Vader is my winner. Tiny Dancer Budweiser was reminiscent of Super Bowl moments of the past. “Cram It Up The Boot” Mini-Cooper made me laugh out loud.

    • oddsauce says:

      Agree with the selection. A lot of it was just okay.

      I liked that Tiny Dancer bit. And the Eminem Detroit ad gets special mention. I’m surprised Bud Light didn’t deliver though.

  • Manny del says:

    Chrysler “Imported From Detroit” nailed it big time and is my absolute favorite. I also loved the poetry of the Motorola Xoom spot. VW was pretty ok., Groupon and PepsiMax were the worst.

    • oddsauce says:

      “It is the hottest fires that make the hardest of steel”. Who was the agency that did it?

      I didn’t even finish those Chatterbox ads long enough to find out what the product even was. There’s a couple of million they’re never seeing again.

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